Aerial Photo of Mornington Pier

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Melbourne Aerial Video provide drone photography and video services across Melbourne, The Mornington Peninsula and beyond. We are not just drone operators but qualified Marketers .

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Parc Frankston Aerial Photo

Parc Frankston

Aerial Photo’s and Video of the Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre in Frankston Opened in 2014 at a cost of almost $50M.

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Aerial Photography of Mornington Pier

Parks Victoria

This aerial photo shows the extensive upgrades to the Mornington Pier which will provide much desired safety to moored boats, and from erosion.

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Aerial Photography of Frankston

South East Water

This aerial photo from a UAV shows the full beauty of the brand new headquarters of South East Water Frankston.

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Melbourne Aerial Video will soon provide aerial video, photography and uav services across Melbourne, The Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.

Drone Photography Advantages

Utilising a drone for aerial photography, video and surveying is far more cost effective than the traditional method of using a helicopter or aircraft. UAVs are far more portable, can fly much lower and are much safer when it comes to OH&S issues related to aerial systems. Drones are far quicker to ‘refuel’ with the quick swap of a battery, and break downs can be easily over come by pulling out a second UAV, instead of having to wait for an entire new helicopter to arrive let alone the cost.

Aerial videos and photos can be quickly downloaded to a laptop and assessed for suitability, and multiple takes are not going to cost the earth to ensure we capture the images that you need to inspire your clients.

We will soon be operating drones commercially when the latest CASA regulation takes effect.

Enjoy our aerial video and aerial photography portfolio we hope to be able to help you be bold, create and inspire in the near future.